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Be Whale Wise

Respect the Wildlife

Check out this whale poster of boat rules to learn how to be a better operator of your boat in waters that whales live. Please be a responsible boater!

Read the Wild Life Hand Book to learn about being responsible specifically in the Gulf of the Farallons.

ATTENTION: To whale watching companies or private boaters who operate in the Gulf of the Farallons, please operate your boats with respect for the marine mammals. San Francisco Whale Tours runs seven days a week and has become a recognizable source for where the whales are in the Gulf of Farallons. We are “in the know.” We believe all should have access to the world’s most wonderful creatures but respect them. Please don’t charge the Kitty Kat. If you see us enjoying a pod of whales please approach with caution, contact us on Channel 80 vhf, we will be happy to help! San Francisco Whale Tours has an open door approach and will share the whales location with anyone who respects the whales.

The reason we have posted this is we understand if you only run once a week and truly have no idea where the whales are it must be stressful. Whale watching has no place for ignorance. Whale watching can be a simple pleasure so instead of following or charging our vessel to be among the whales we can work as a team to give our passengers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Team Whale Approach can work both ways. San Francisco Whale Tours would love to see the growing amount of whale tour operators in the Gulf practice “BE WHALE WISE.” Owner, Captain Joe, will make time for any operator who would like to work together and discuss improved ways to organize a uniformed approach for protecting and respecting the very creatures that allow us to make a living.

Capt Joe Nazar