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Ocean Clean-Up

No Plastic in the Ocean

Plastic and mammals don’t mix. The ocean needs to be clean for a healthy environment. The crew at San Francisco Whale Tours, while cruising the Gulf of Farallons, picks up any garbage they see. The plastic balloon that you see San Francisco Whale Tours crew netting out of the water is too often of an occurrence.We want to make a difference.  “Conservation is common sense” I just don’t understand the person  who throws their Garbage in the water. I have pick up many Plastic Balloons this year. Think before you release your  balloon about where its going to land.The Ocean is an self cleaning ecosystem and plastic has no place in it. Please from my crew and I help clean the ocean. It makes a difference!

Make a Difference

  • Dispose of fishing lines and lures properly to help keep them out of the ocean as animals can mistake them for food or become entangled in them.
  • Avoid releasing helium balloons into the sky as they often end up in bodies of water.
  • If purchasing beverages attached with “six pack” plastic rings, cut the rings apart before throwing them away. Birds, fish and small land animals can get caught in the rings.

H2O Ocean Sampling

San Francisco Whale Tours each week aboard the Whale Watching Vessel Kitty Kat takes a water sample for the State Of California. The H2o samples help determine the water conditions in the Gulf of Farallons. The crew from San Francisco Whale Tours does this  free for the State Of California, because we care about our Ocean.